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One of the top recruitment agencies Advance Career has been working with us since we launched our job board. Having partners like this is a great opportunity to ask them some questions that will be beneficial to all of us.

You are one of the most well-established agencies in Cyprus, with a wide range of services.  Why is it important to you to use a job board for advertising your ads (rather than simply uploading them to your website)?

Advance Career, provides superior recruitment services within various industries. Therefore, it is important for us to always have the Job Adverts published ‘in the right place at the right time’. Working with a professional and effective team such as the Top Jobs Cyprus team allows us to advertise our jobs instantly and reach a wider pool of candidates. In addition, the Top Jobs Cyprus website, allows us to manage and track our vacancies in an easy and quick way and attract good candidates quickly.

It is said that there is a talent shortage in Cyprus and that highly qualified professionals are much needed. Do you agree with this? What areas/industries are there the greatest shortages in?

The Cyprus labour market includes a big number of high skilled professionals who are capable to respond to the needs of the market. However due to the rapid growth of technology, the emergence of new technologies and therefore the unavoidably fast-changing work environment the market needs change day by day. We are happy to see that Job seekers in Cyprus are always doing their best to expand their skills and knowledge keep up to date with the market needs.

In general, what do you believe are the basic criteria that will secure a candidate a better career?

Whether a candidate is junior and is looking for entry-level roles or whether the candidate is an experienced professional looking for Managerial and Senior level roles, it is important to meet some basic criteria in order to secure a better career. Some of the most important criteria is a good CV, good job search and a very good interview preparation.

More specifically, creating a good, comprehensive and up-to-date CV is vital as this is the first impression the employer will form about the candidate. Following on, choosing and applying for the right opportunities plays a really important role and here is where Advance Career consultants will be a great support for each candidate. Having good preparation for every interview is also essential. Advance Career provides candidates with useful interview tips prior to each meeting.

Giving advice to candidates about changing jobs: How often should they, what should they pursue when changing jobs etc.

It is important for a candidate to choose his career steps wisely. When an opportunity arises candidates should take seriously in mind the pros and cons of moving to a new job. There are  a variety of reasons why candidates are changing jobs. A candidate may not be happy in their current job due to a bad work environment or due to the fact that the job might not be matching their expectations, then the candidate should search for a new job. Candidates are usually looking for a better career opportunity in terms of a better financial package; opportunities for growth and development but also the opportunity to gain diverse and better experience, knowledge and skills.

Here at Advance Career our consultants strongly advise candidates to be careful and avoid frequent job changes especially when things at their current job are not necessarily ‘bad’. Many employers are trying to avoid candidates with frequent job changes as there is they have the impression that these candidates may not be loyal and stable candidates and profiles. Especially when companies are willing to provide training and invest in their people, they are looking for candidates who will be committed and stable.

What are the major advantages of a candidate working with a reputable agency and how can this positively affect their ability to find and secure the best job?

Advance Career is committed to offering candidates the best-suited role and company that meets their career expectations and progression by having a dedicated consultant on hand ready for any questions they may have throughout their job search. We also provide insight and tips on how to conduct themselves in an interview and the types of questions they should ask. Working with leading local and international companies across vast number of industries of varying sizes and cultures offers our candidates unique career opportunities and depending on what they are looking for; career progression, increase in salary, work-life balance or even a total career change, at Advance Career we’re here to discuss these opportunities with each candidate.

When candidates work with us they can benefit from working with a reputable recruitment agency that will notify them on available job opportunities and even apply for positions that they may not find being advertised. At Advance Career we are handling candidates’ information strictly confidentially and we are offering professional advice for a candidate’s next career move.

And finally, some employers are reluctant to use an agency for recruitment.   They seem to believe that it’s either too expensive or they can do it themselves.  What would you say to them?

Working with a reputable and professional recruitment agency such as Advance Career can be both time and cost effective. With over 20 years’ industry experience with both local and International companies Advance Career team is more than qualified to assist organisations with their recruitment needs. We recognise that each company’s investment in their staff is imperative to the successful operation of their business, therefore we only recommend candidates deemed to possess the superior skill level, culture fit and character essential for each organisation.

Our methods are based on a thorough understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issues affecting an organisation. We offer our clients a dynamic and innovative service tailored to their needs, placing great emphasis on a personal, relationship-centered style that builds understanding and confidence.  We pride ourselves in being dedicated to sourcing the right individuals for your organisation as a business partner rather than merely a consulting firm.
Recruiting for new employees and advertising your jobs these days can be a costly and time-consuming process for organisations. On the contrary, a recruitment agency will assist you in matching the right person with the right job in an easier way. First of all, employers working with recruitment agencies will receive shortlisted applications matching the criteria of the role instead of advertising on their own and receiving a huge number of non-qualifying applications. Moreover, while Advance Career holds a very dynamic database and also has access to international markets, we can attract the best talent for our clients from a variety of resources. On the contrary, employers who are recruiting on their own, will only receive applications from people who will be responding to their advert.

In addition, Advance Career having access to a wider pool of candidates, proceeds with filtering, assessing and shortlisting candidates according to the prerequisites of each role and then conducting first interviews and reference checks, arranging interviews, and negotiating offers and financial packages – a process that can be really time–consuming when an employer is recruiting on his own.


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