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Dear LinkedIn, we respectfully disagree

LinkedIn Approach LinkedIn , a couple of days ago, featured as “the idea of the day” the following statement: A more inclusive workplace leads to better talent, as those born with less privilegeoften work harder for opportunity. At first, this sounds like a legit statement, one that makes sense as it promotes a non-discrimination mindset, that we totally […]

Common CV Mistakes

Check for CV mistakes We have been quite busy lately reviewing the CVs you have been sending us, in order to raise your chances for a better career. You know that the CV you send is the first impression you make, so it is exceptionally important not only to be correct and insightful but also […]

The CV that “works”: Dos and Don’ts

It took you an hour to write your CV but it’s worth it, right? Now it’s ready to find you the perfect job, right? Hmm, probably wrong (sorry for that). Our experience –and a lot of research- show that the majority of CVs received by hiring managers fail to depict the skills and competencies of […]

The evolution of employee – Infographic

How can Infographics help? Following our previous post on how established patterns are changing, when it comes to employees. Find below an interesting infographic, depicting the evolution from the past to the future. If you are an employer, you need to consider if you provide your team with the appropriate vision and conditions, in order to […]

How to write a job ad

Learn to write a job ad Are you sure you know how to write a job ad and why is this so important? We have been working in the human resources field for decades and we strongly believe that a correct and engaging job ad is the beginning of an efficient recruitment process.   Job […]

What is GDPR anyway?

GDPR explanation The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal initiative of the EU.  Aiming to protect consumers from unethical or non-transparent use of their personal data. This new regulation will be active from the 25th of May and affects all companies that process data.   So what is all the fuss about? Firstly […]

The nine types of employees and how to motivate them

As a boss, understanding those who work for you and what makes them shine is essential recently published a typology of 9 employee characters The defender This worker seeks security, predictability and stability. They like stable, well established organisations, giving clear roles with a set routine and career paths. Boosting their motivation involves regular […]