Common CV Mistakes

Check for CV mistakes

We have been quite busy lately reviewing the CVs you have been sending us, in order to raise your chances for a better career. You know that the CV you send is the first impression you make, so it is exceptionally important not only to be correct and insightful but also to show an up-to-date professional that respects the time of the recruiter. After reviewing dozens of CVs we received, we have collected a DO list, based on the most common mistakes we find:

Our CV mistake checker

  • Europass CV’s are NOT preferred by most employers

  • Ideally, your CV should be no more than 2-3  pages long.

  • There should be no boxes, codes, symbols or pictures  in a CV

  • The overall format needs to be easy to read, and the font and spacing consistent throughout the document.

  • Check for grammatical and spelling errors.

  • The CV should be presented in a simple and professional Word format, without graphics and bold colours which can be distracting.

  • The duties listed under each job should be in  concise and clear bullet format, not  written in a  long-winded essay

How to get your CV reviewed?

Compared to our previous CV writing tips article reality proves that some mistakes are really common. So, if you don’t feel confident about your CV, why don’t you just send us an email and let us review it for you. It’s Free, yet priceless!

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