Dear LinkedIn, we respectfully disagree

LinkedIn Approach

LinkedIn, a couple of days ago, featured as “the idea of the day” the following statement: A more inclusive workplace leads to better talent, as those born with less privilege often work harder for the opportunity. At first, this sounds like a legit statement, one that makes sense as it promotes a non-discrimination mindset, that we totally support. Yet, on second thought, this prompt is not as innocent as it -hopefully- was supposed to be. On the contrary, it is discriminative itself.

Dear LinkedIn we respectfully disagree1 - Dear LinkedIn, we respectfully disagree

Why we disagree?

So, dear LinkedIn, please allow us to disagree. When an employer really does not discriminate, they don’t take into consideration ethnicity, social position, financial status etc, at all.  Everyone is equal, because… everyone is, indeed. We don’t advise employers to “fake” an inclusive workplace, only in order to take advantage of the determination of the less privileged- for a higher profit. This is discriminative, harsh and morally questionable.

Our Approach

Although is a job board, we work closely with the companies those ads we publish, in order to build synergies that will attract better candidates. Our services include employer branding guidance that will allow them to highlight their strong points as employers. And to persuade top-level candidates to consider working for them. In this context, reading a major network supporting an idea that implies to exploit people based on their lack of privileges, for us is just wrong. Thus, we felt the need to share this opinion, to make sure that people and companies realize the fine lines between right and wrong and that they keep making the right choices- even if they are harder. After all, creating a motivating workplace is not an easy task. But those who achieve this, know that it is priceless.

P.S. We understand that the intention probably was good. Yet, we are writing this text as the delivery ended up to be quite misleading…

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