How to write a job ad

Learn to write a job ad

Are you sure you know how to write a job ad and why is this so important? We have been working in the human resources field for decades and we strongly believe that a correct and engaging job ad is the beginning of an efficient recruitment process.

Job ad VS Job description

As described in the infographic below, there is a significant difference between job ads and job descriptions. The first is written to attract candidates, therefore it highlights the most interesting areas of the job role. On the other hand, the job description is a detailed and accurate description of the responsibilities, KPIs etc, prepared for internal use. Hence, the tone of voice is completely different and should not be confused.

Unfortunately, the majority of job ads posted on several job boards in Cyprus seem to ignore how to write a job ad. Job ads are either very brief or pointlessly extensive and they tend to include cliche phrases that have lost their meaning. Take the example of “Pleasant Personality” in requirements. Do you really believe that a candidate will refrain from sending the CV because they feel “not very pleasant”? In fact, take a minute to think. What message is your company sending when following outdated practices? When you look for competent candidates, shouldn’t you be competent first?

Job ad optimization tool

Motivated by this shortcoming, we have included the “job ad optimisation” feature on our packages. Simply put, we rewrite the job ad in order to make it attractive and engaging- and to highlight your company as a strong and dynamic employer. Ask us for more, we know a lot!

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