Inside a micro-manager

“Why should I seek for the right employee when there are so many available people in my inner circle”? Throughout our career, we have answered this question more times than we wanted to. Not because we don’t want our customers to be curious, but because, most of the time, behind this question, a micromanager hides.

Following an interesting post of Harvard Business Review, we try to decode what a micro-manager really means which each statement they make. If you are an employer reading this, make sure you don’t find these behaviours very familiar. If you are an employee, use the insights to build a better relationship with your (micro)manager, by understanding their goals and fears.

This is the most common excuse: It takes less time if I do it myself. Which in fact might also be true. But, you have to see delegation like an opportunity to teach. If you spend all your time taking care of trivial, tactical stuff, who will make the strategic decisions?

Everyone has their own way to do things, so don’t expect anyone to get inside your mind and do a task exactly as you would. But, this is not a bad thing. Fresh eyes, actually, might bring a new perspective on your project. Your job is to monitor and support, to guide and to evaluate the outcome in the most objective way.

Delegate doesn’t mean delay. Or being irresponsible. You overcome the micromanagement trap when you focus on the outcome and the project management. it is, indeed, your credibility on the line but don’t many brains think better than one? Motivating your team can become your competitive advantage.

Probably this is the truth: Your boss wants you to be involved, of course. But, in which way exactly? Your boss has also decided to hire some people to become your team- are you sure you make the best out of this decision?

Working with competent, specialized professionals make everyone better, through a synergistic process. If you decide to hire the first available person you might find, that leads to a self-fulfilled prophecy: yes, you will have to do all the job. Because you have chosen to!


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