Signs it’s time to change job

Recruiters and HR professionals are evangelists of job loyalty, and we have a long list of very good reasons to do so. But, as we are talking increasingly more about the work-life balance, the moment comes that we too have to admit it: in some cases, quitting a job is best for everyone.

These cases fall under three main categories. So, if any of the situations described below seem too familiar to you, perhaps it’s time for a change.

You just don’t want to be there

You wake up tired and stressed. Whenever you think about your job you feel distressed, even during the weekend. Regardless of how things used to be, now you don’t really like your colleagues or/and your boss anymore. In general, you feel that you don’t fit anymore, yet you can’t bring yourself to decide to quit.

First of all, don’t ignore the signs: obviously, something has changed, inside you or at the office. Can you find what it is? Has it always been like this or there has been a turning point? Do you remember that someday in the past maybe you have wished to be hired at this company, so why doesn’t it feel like it any more? Take some time to reflect upon your feelings. And then, after you are sure about what causes your detachment from your current job, you can plan your next steps (a new blog post will follow about this)

Your career has stalled

For one reason or another, you have outgrown your role and the company fails to acknowledge this. As a result, there is no challenge for you anymore or any tasks that will make you better. It is not your manager’s fault, neither yours, but it is a situation that needs to be addressed, otherwise, you will soon start experiencing what we described in the previous category.

Start by clearly writing down your qualities that are not being used. Is there a way to put them in practice or your current employer cannot go as far as you want? For example, let’s say you have just obtained your diploma in Spanish. Is there a business that according to the strategic plan can your company do in Spanish speaking markets? Because if there is not, you cannot blame your employer for not updating the corporate strategy according to your strengths. If there is a market though, try to talk to your manager. Even if you are confident that you know their response, give them the chance to surprise you. What they will say might determine your decision to stay or go.

The environment is/has become hostile

Verbal, psychological or any kind of abuse cannot be justified or excused for any reason.  It is almost a no-brainer that if you are under this kind of behaviour from anyone related to your job, you cannot accept it. There are boundaries that need to be respected and the authoritative boss figure belongs to the past. Do your best to be calm and patient and start looking for a job.

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