Top Recruiting Trends

Whether you are a recruiter or a HR professional, recruiting and retaining top talent is tough and often underestimated by others, but in an ever more challenging, complex and candidate driven market where talent is scarcer than ever, then these are the latest trends you need to be aware of and embrace if you want to be one step ahead of your competitors:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Whether we like it or not this is the future. Will robots replace humans? Well in our opinion is it’s unlikely, at least for now, but using AI can really add value and streamline the recruiting process.


  • Collaborative Hiring: Top employers are increasingly getting their team members involved in the hiring process. Nothing better than getting your employee’s recommendations and referrals, after all your own people are your best form of advertising.


  • Recruitment Marketing: One of the latest trends and focuses on building an employer brand and culture to attract the best talent.


  • Generation Z: You thought Millennials were difficult enough, now you need to think about hiring and integrating the next generation entering the workplace.


  • Flexible Workforce: Companies who have embraced the flexible workforce are proven to have a happier and more productive workforce.


Happy Hiring!



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